Other Work

Elegant serving bowls come in all different sizes - from small dip bowls to large fruit/salad bowls.  

Chip-and-dips are two separate pieces so the serving bowl can be put into the refrigerator or microwave.

My "Art Mugs" come in right handed and left handed varieties.  The handles of all of these mugs are formed to fit your hand more comfortably.

I think of my plates as small round canvases, with which I let my imagination run free! 

The cookie jar comes with a set of specially formed cookie dunking milk cups.

The "Flower Keepers" come in four different shapes, four different sizes, and 17+ colors and color combinations.  They are perfect for short stem flowers that kids pick for you, or you pick for yourself.  Just add water and arrange.  They fit nicely on desks, window sills, night tables, counters, and work great for place settings!

I also do wedding registries and dinner sets.

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